Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

I Didn't Lie, I Love You Mom !

My English teacher asked us to write something to show the deep of our love to our mother, yesterday. These are the questions :

1. The reason to love your mother
2. Ever you make her sad? What did you do (Why)?

I was staring at a piece of paper on my desk for quite long time. I was actually imagining her face, remembering the past, remembering every precious moment, remembering her smiled-face, remembering the time when she got mad, remembering all the time we shared. And --- trying to find the best words to describe those feeling.

1. " Because she never force me to be someone else, she loves me the way I am, no matter how bad I am."

I've wrote those words above for serious, I didn't make any lies. Honestly, I am a bad kid. Super bad! But, you know what? She never force me to be like another child, to be a perfect child, to be like this, to be like that, because she love me the way I am. I really love her !

2. "I ever made a decision and it is out of her expectation. I knew that she is actually disenchanted."

I really am sorry about it. I thought that I knew myself better. But what a shame, knowing the truth that I don't really know about myself.

Mom, I Love You

Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

First Post in 2012 !

Hahahaaa, kemana aja pemilik blog ini???
Entahlah, yang jelas waktu saya nulis ini udah jam 10 malam dan besoknya musti bertempur dengan ulangan dan tugas-tugas yang belum terselesaikan. Maaf, maaf dan maaf sekali karena jarang banget update blog, sampai-sampai nggak sempat kasih ucapan tahun baru...huaaa
So sleepy--gotta sleep :s